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If you do not know who your customers are, you cannot apply the right marketing strategy and you will miss out on customers and sales. By getting to know your customers, you can respond to their needs and wishes. This is the best way to market your product or service.

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Google Analytics

Google Analytics is a program with which website visitors can be analyzed. Where do they come from? What are their interests? Which pages do they hang on the longest? And how did they find your website? These are all questions that Google Analytics can answer. To use this program, a tracking code must be installed once. After this, the collection of valuable data can begin.


With the Hotjar program you can follow the movements of the mouse of the visitors on your website and map so-called 'hot zones'. By tracking the movements you can see exactly what the visitors are doing on your website and follow their reactions. The better you know how your visitors react, the better you can adjust your website accordingly. With Hotjar you can improve user experiences and optimize conversion. Give visitors what they want and take advantage of the adjustments.

Social media analytics

Social media channels such as LinkedIn, Facebook and Instagram provide a lot of information about your followers and visitors. You can analyze and use this information to improve the content strategy. You learn more about your followers and customers, but you can also adjust your promotions and advertisements on the valuable data. By making the right adjustments in social media advertisements and promotions, you get more success from the same budget. The analyzes are included for free in all our social media packages.

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Do you also want to optimize your conversion?

There are several programs that can help you get to know your customers as well as possible. If you have a clear picture of who your customers are and where their wishes and needs lie, you can optimize the conversion.

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