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How do you ensure that customers can find your company? How do you ensure that customers purchase or even come back to your product or service? Every product or service needs its own marketing strategy.

Have you no idea where to start? Let us help with a tailor-made marketing plan for your product or service.

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Marketing Plan Request

We provide an entry-level marketing plan that perfectly matches your product or service. When writing the marketing plan, we naturally take your wishes and the available budget into account. You can decide for yourself whether you want to implement the plan yourself or outsource it to us.

Marketing analysis

Before setting up a marketing plan, an internal and external analysis is first carried out with which the company can be properly mapped out. A marketing plan itself consists of a marketing strategy and a communication strategy.

Marketing strategy

With marketing strategy you can think of topics such as USPs, competitors, mission and vision and the story behind the company. What do you stand for and what do you want to radiate? What strengths can we deploy, and what weaknesses should we pay attention to?

Communication strategy

What characterizes your company and how do you want to convey that? Communication strategy is all about the positioning and the image you want to convey as a company. A communication strategy is reflected in everything and it is important to be consistent in this.

Internal analysis

Mission vision

What does your company stand for and how do you want to achieve your goal? In a clear mission and vision description, is this clear for the customer and does your USP emerge? A mission and vision helps to persuade customers to do business with you instead of the competitor.

Strenghts and weaknesses

What are the strengths and weaknesses of your company? By properly researching this, you can use the strengths in the right way and get started with the weaknesses. If you don't capitalize on your company's weaknesses, the competition will. And you want to prevent that


What is really your Unique Selling Point? What makes you different and better than the competition? By having this in mind and reflecting this in your positioning, potential customers know what your strength is. If your strength is visible, prospects will choose you faster.

Marketing Strategie

Communication Strategy

Marketing is a very broad concept and it can be difficult to write a proper marketing plan for a product or service. The perfect marketing strategy is different for every company. The marketing strategy that works for Facebook will not have the same effect on Instagram.





What are your goals? It doesn't matter whether it's about sales, brand awareness or promotion. We ensure that your objectives are formulated ambitiously, but above all achievable and SMART. Did you know that setting concrete goals leads to better results?

Which channels do you want to be visible through? Whether this is social media, e-mail, via search engines or at an event, it has to fit your product or service and your target group. We make sure that it is clear what the best communication channels are for your company.

What makes you distinctive and how do you show this? What are the benefits of your product or service? With positioning, we look at the strengths of your company and we investigate how this fits best into your communication strategy.

The 4 P's, also known as: price, product, place and promotion. What price do you charge for your product or service and why? What does the product or service entail and what do you use it for? Where does your company sell the product or services? And what promotions and advertisements are being implemented?

Whether you have a large or small budget, we ensure that the available resources are used optimally. We investigate how your budget can best be used, how we can get the most out of it and how we can best use it.

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External analysis

The market. In which market is your company located? Is there seasonality? And how big is the market really? These are all questions to get to know the market as well as possible in which your company operates. This way you can estimate how much demand there is for your product or service.

Opportunities & Threats. Who are your biggest competitors and how do they operate? By knowing who your direct and indirect competitors are, you can adapt your strategy to their actions. In addition, it is often not necessary to reinvent the wheel and you can also learn a lot from competitors.

Competitive Analysis. What opportunities and threats are there for your company? Is there an economic crisis? Is a new building suddenly placed in front of your retail property? These are factors over which you have little influence, but by analyzing the trends you can respond to them. We'll figure it out for you.

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